A New Era: The Relaunch of Beneath The Waves.

June 9, 2020

In 2020, the conversation completely shifted. The way we live has abruptly changed. Will we ever go back to the way it used to be? No, probably not. But maybe that's ok. This moment in time has allowed us an opportunity to rethink our approach, reflect on our progress since forming in 2013, acknowledge what had been working and where we could be better, and to listen and learn.

Right now, many humans are rethinking their career paths, purchasing behaviors, food consumption, time spent, health choices, purpose, contributions and what ‘normal’ even means to us at this point. Mother Nature gave us a massive wake up call by bringing the world to a complete halt. The recent events in America have reminded us that being a good person goes hand-in-hand with protecting our planet. And now, we have the chance to harness our collective energy and rally behind a mission to just do better.

The impact of recent events is here to stay. But it's our choice how we process all we have learned while behind closed doors and while standing in solidarity. It’s our choice how we come out on the other side of this. While we ask ourselves these fundamental life questions, a lot of us end up wondering, "what can I really do to help?" To us, the answer is simple.

We all offer unique skills. It doesn't matter your profession, location, age, race, sex, orientations, etc, because everyone has perspectives and ideas that need to be heard. By leveraging our skills and passions, we stand a chance to show up even better this time around as a unified front.

We need a place where we can talk openly and honestly. A place where we can connect with others that share a similar north star. A place where we can help each other achieve our goals. And, a place that allows us to put our words into action.

At Beneath The Waves, we focus on doing the science that is needed to collectively protect our oceans and its inhabitants. And over time, our focus has evolved strategically to characterize our work on sharks and oceans around the impact we are trying to have—such as protecting marine areas. With time, we’ve realized that Beneath The Waves is more than a science-based NGO—it’s a platform. A platform for career development, technology, research, media and educational opportunities.  

And now, we want to open up our doors to you. Let’s discuss how you think we all can do even better coming out on the other side of these strange times. Let’s discuss how we can take different approaches every day to solve emerging conservation challenges. And, hopefully, we can help when it comes to your personal journey. Getting you closer to ocean conservation in ways that are relevant to your career path, future objectives, and personal interests.

But above all else, we want to hear from you. Discussion in itself is contributing, and that’s what we need right now. More great minds joining in on the overall ocean conservation effort, working together and creating a better tomorrow.

If this is of interest, reach out to learn how you can become part of The Crew at Beneath The Waves a social network and membership group focused on inspiration, inclusion and education. We discuss threats to the ocean and ways we can protect it, leveraging our unique skills, strengths and experiences to guide us.

We offer a platform where you can join the discussion, while finding ways of contributing that work with your life, profession, goals and time. We help to arm you with factual information from the field that helps you put ocean conservation at the forefront. If you’re someone who’s trying to figure out next moves, career shifts or just wants to get involved in ocean conservation, we welcome you with open arms to our network.

This is the year when the conversation shifted. But it’s also the year we were deeply reminded that doing something bigger than ourselves is what truly matters. It’s entirely up to us what happens next—and we’d love for you to be part of this game-changing discussion and community. We hope to bring you one step closer to what ocean conservation is all about in the 21st century. And hopefully some sharks, too.

We’re proud to introduce you to a new era of Beneath The Waves.

To learn more, visit our refreshed site that showcases a bolder, braver, and stronger version of us.

Images from Sami Kattan and Diego Camejo.

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